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Family package includes:

3:00 hours

Personal Online Support

Learn about learning. Living in another country offers a wonderful opportunity to broaden your children’s educational horizons. Whether you opt for an international or local school, learning through a new language or in the mother tongue, nursery or day school, it’s important that your children find their new rhythm quickly. Moving-Online has devised a package to prepare you for all options available in your new area. We’ll offer you the latest on international and local schools as well as primary, secondary and third-level education, help you determine special requirements, check on availability of places and arrange school visits, and explain exam results, study programs, extra-curricular activities and school transport facilities.

A move to another country also often coincides with family planning in your private life. Becoming a parent, for example. Pregnancy and childbirth bring you into contact with a range of care providers, ranging from maternity clinics and hospitals to mid-wives and nurses. Moving-Online guarantees that you find all the support you need during pregnancy, childbirth and the post-natal period. The Family Package provides information about birth registration and official paperwork and connect you with agencies that offer home help and childcare. We’ll even tell you where to buy baby equipment and point you to the right preschool and crèche facilities. A must for perfect parenting.

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